Autumn 2 Week 2

Date: 7th Nov 2019 @ 2:05pm

We have had an extremely busy week and have learned lots of new things!

In English, we have been reading Journey to Jo'Burg and so far Naledi and Tiro have traveled more than 300km to try and find their Mma. However, their journey hasn't been plain sailing. First, they hitched a ride with a local orange seller, then they were left stranded in the middle of Johannesburg and tried to get on a 'whites only' bus. We have read up to the part where they have met a lady called Grace. We have written a letter of advice to them as to whether they should trust Grace or not: we have done this as a discussion text to discuss both sides of the story. We enjoyed doing a class conscience alley to discuss the positives and negatives of Grace. Also, we absolutely love playing Kahoot! to practice our spellings!

In Maths, we have begun our topic on division. We have found this week challenging, but have relished the challenge and have been using lots of concrete and pictorial resources to help us. We have been recapping short division, using place value counters and muliplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 using the place value silders. We have been calculating speed, distance and time, and to help us understand this we completed our own fitness tasks over a given distance and recorded the times. We learned that we have to divide the distance by time to work out our speed. This will help us when we move onto division next week.

In Geography, we have thoroughly enjoyed starting our topic on rivers. We have learned lots of key vocabulary such as source, mouth, confluence, tributaries, meanders, river island, channel banks and much more. As well as learning lots of new words, we have been observing how a river changes from its source to its mouth through images and Google Earth. We have also been using Ordnance Survey maps to find key places along the River Axe and matching them to images. Next week we will continue to learn more about the importance rivers play in the hydrological cycle, why river estuaries are important for wildlife and what happened to the Isle of Dogs.

We have also started to practice for our school Variety Performance.  

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