Class 3's supermarket

Date: 1st Feb 2018 @ 3:32pm

I've been so so proud of the children this week :). We've had a tricky week adding and subtracting amounts but they all persevered and didn't give up! Today, they all said that they felt much more confident in adding and subtracting money and that they would know if a shopkeeper tried to short change them!!

To make it more realistic, I set up a supermarket in the classroom, which they were very excited about. Some children were shop workers and had to work out how much change from £5.00 they had to give. Then, some children decided what they wanted to buy and had to give the exact money. We have been using the coins and drawing number lines to help us this, as well as using mental and written methods.

One group of children had a difficult task of finding out how much they could buy with £5.00. They were challenged to get as close as they could. They found many combinations of items and added the amounts together, then worked out what change they would be given. Lots of problem solving and reasoning was involved! 

A fantastic effort in maths this week Year 3! :) 

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