Safer Internet Day

Date: 6th Feb 2018 @ 4:36pm

For Safer Internet Day the children spent a full day learning about the internet and how to use it safely. We explored the idea of being connected to each other by creating a friend web using string. We then used this idea to create a piece of work showing who we are connected to personally. After this, we discussed how the internet can be used to make new connections and the dangers that we can be faced with when we do. The children wrote out some rules that we must remember when using the internet.

In the afternoon, we discussed how we can leave a digital footprint when using the internet. This means that when we are using the internet, we can leave a trace of the things we say and do. The children had fun painting their feet in order to create a footprint on paper. They then stuck some internet programme icons around their footprint depicting what they like to use the internet for.

I was impressed with how sensible the children were when discussing the importance of staying safe on the internet. They were able to tell each other important rules such as; do not give out personal information, do not talk to strangers and tell an adult if you see something that worries or upsets you.

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