Autumn 1 - Week 3

Date: 21st Sep 2018 @ 5:38pm

This week the children have been working hard across the curriculum and exploring some new subjects too. I introduced the children to 'Dough Disco' which is a dance activity that develops the children's fine motor skills. In Dough Disco, the children use playdough to improve their finger mobility which will help to improve their pencil grip and handwriting. The children had lots of fun taking part in this activity and we will continue to do this every week.

This year in Maths we are following the Shanghai Maths Project books. The focus this week was 'sorting objects' and the children completed a range of activities in which they had to group or sort objects based on different criteria. In every Maths lesson, there is always plenty of opportunities for the children to work collaboratively in their Kagan teams or with their partners. On Wednesday, each team was given a pot of buttons. They had to work together to sort the buttons into groups and explain their thinking with their teammates. The children managed to figure out different ways to sort the buttons: size, colour and number of buttons.

In Art this half term we are exploring earth art and exploring the question 'what natural art materials can be found in our school grounds?'  For this weeks lesson, the children used a range of coloured paints to create a pebble portrait. First, the children painted a base layer of paint and waited for that to dry. Then they painted facial features onto their rock using thinner paintbrushes.

On Monday, the children took part in a school council election. The children who wanted to become school council representatives shared their reasons why with the rest of the class. The class then held a secret ballot and voted for the two children they wanted to represent their class. After the votes were counted, I announced that the school council representatives for Class 1 were...Nevaeh and Aya!

This week Betsy Bear went home with Amelie. Betsy was very impressed with Amelie's listening skills throughout the week.

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