Autumn 1 - Week 5

Date: 5th Oct 2018 @ 11:31pm

Class 1 have had another very busy week this week! In Maths, the children were introduced to 3D shapes. After learning their names, each team worked collaboratively to sort the pictures and shapes. I have really enjoyed watching the children's collaborative skills develop as they have continued to use a range of collaborative Kagan structures within all lessons, including Maths. They are now much better at taking turns and supporting their teammates. 

In Science, the children carried out their first investigation based on weather. Last week they prepared the investigation and made tools to measure rainfall, wind speed and wind direction. Each afternoon this week, they have used these tools to gather data and record it appropriately in a table. 

I was extremely impressed with Class 1's artistic skills this week as we continued to explore our topic 'Earth Art'. This week the children collected sticks from the school grounds and then used them, along with clay, to make their own sculptures. Can you guess what the sculptures are?

This week Betsy Bear chose to spend her weekend with Hayley. Betsy was very impressed with Hayley's Literacy work this week and her neat handwriting.

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