World Mental Health Day

Date: 10th Oct 2017 @ 8:16pm

Today was Mental Health Day.

Year 6 did lots of work learning more about mental health and how they can help themselves, and each other.

We started the day exploring what we knew already about mental health and then finding out about what mental health is. Mental health is about how you feel, think and sometimes behave. Lots of children have mental health problems and it means they can feel sad, angry or anxious. Mental health problems are not permanent. Everyone has times when their mental health is not as healthy as it could be.

We thought about our emotions and what makes us feel different emotions. We created 'wellbeing journals' to help us on our journey through Year 6 and to build our emotional resilience. We used the 'blob tree' to talk about how we were feeling today and why.

The children played an Emotions game where they had to descibe a time when they have felt each emotion that their counter landed on. The children worked brilliantly in their times, sharing their thoughts and feelings and listening to one another. They also thought carefully about scenarios, deciding how big the problem was. This was to help them to think carefully about their responses to different situations that happen in school (have a look at the example scenarios below!)

Finally, we thought about what helps us when we are feeling different emotions, and how we might look so that our friends can help us.

Have a look at the photos and work we did!

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